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As a leading U.S. tunnel and heavy construction contractor with over 85 years of continuous experience, the S.A. Healy Company has played an integral and pioneering role in the tunneling of America. Since its founding in 1923, the company has tunneled over 100 miles-more than one-half million feet- and completed more than 200 projects worth billions of dollars.

Healy's work can be seen all across North America and even in Central America. Healy tunnel workers have dug miles of sewerage tunnels beneath Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, New York, Boston, Portland and other cities. They have worked on the great aqueduct systems of California, major dam projects in New York and pipelines in Kansas.

Every day thousands of people in cars, buses and trains pass through tunnels and over bridges built by S.A. Healy. Underground commuters in Chicago and Washington D.C. board subway cars that travel along tracks laid in S.A. Healy tunnels, and the S.A. Healy company has even been at the forefront of history, excavating the Third Locks Project at the Panama Canal.

Today, S.A. Healy is one of a select group of contractors with the expertise and resources to tackle all types of infrastructure construction, be it tunnels, bridges, high speed rail, pipelines, dams or even waste treatment plants. Work is scheduled and in progress on several different contracts in North and South America with a combined value in excess of about one billion dollars.

Since 1982, S.A. Healy has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Salini Impregilo group, the highly regarded international engineering and construction company.